Photo What is biodynamic agriculture?

What is biodynamic agriculture?

Currently, man is making every effort to save the planet. He invests in different technologies and methods to enable future generations to enjoy the various benefits of the land. From this perspective, the biodynamic agriculture was born. Indeed, all areas are good for making an improvement to our way of life.

What is biodynamic agriculture?

This type of agriculture ( is based on the respect of the soil meaning that its purpose is to produce healthy and good quality food. To that end, the land must also be healthy. Farmers mainly use recycled organic materials such as waste, slurry or manure for growing food. Biodynamic agriculture, also called biodynamy, is fighting against the use of chemicals that deplete the quality of soil and plants. For a number of years, the massive use of these chemicals made the good agriculture not sustainable. It is quite possible that the future generation will no longer benefit from a good quality of food, but especially from the soil if we continue to use as many phytosanitary products to cultivate.

Biodynamic agriculture and its benefits

As the soil is the main component of this type of agriculture, the benefits are multiple, except for the good quality of the land. Without the use of different plant protection products such as insecticides, fungicides and other chemicals, the soil would be rich in humus. The latter promotes and guarantees the quality of the cultivated plants. In this context, the microscopic population that is necessary for the proper development of agriculture would not be in danger. In fact, these elements contribute to improve soil quality. This agriculture has several points in common with organic farming, but it does not have the same ideology or the same practice. On one hand, organic farming aims to produce food without any chemicals, and on the other hand biodynamic agriculture is fighting for healthy soil. The crops produced through biodynamics are healthy and of superior quality, favoring the undisputed well-being that man is constantly seeking. This is made possible by the abundance of microbiological activities in the soil. It is therefore not only necessary, but vital to preserve the land that we grow.

Why biodynamic agriculture?

This type of agriculture advocates the return to traditional farming: respecting the soil while having a good yield and a good product quality. That being said, biodynamics therefore involves the non-use of chemicals to promote soil quality so that our children can enjoy them later. Several influential people in the world of today feel concerned by this cause and want to invest, like Tarek Bouchamaoui for instance. He is a Tunisian businessman present in different fields. Tarek Bouchamaoui invests in particular with the HBG Holding Group in the field of agriculture. It aims to be one of the main actors in the exploitation and distribution of agricultural products on the Tunisian market, but also on the international market.